The BEVIMAC group 

Since 25 years, BEVIMAC is exporting cattle and has obtained its role as unchallenged leader for the export of AUBRAC breed. Also, it has become a key player of other breeds, such as CHAROLAIS, SALERS and LIMOUSIN, within few years. 


The production of the cooperatives is :

Controlled, because contract-based. More than 2000 breeders come together with their cooperatives to dedicate their production to export markets.

Favouring direct sales and trying to keep the number of intermediaries as low as possible.

Additionnaly, BEVI D'OC supplies 18% cattle for export with the Union of cooperatives BEVIMAC CENTRE SUD. 

Every year around 130 000 cattle are exported to European and Third Countries :

  • For the main part, this cattle  are from The Union of Cooperatives BEVIMAC CENTRE SUD, (which combines three large scale cooperatives located in the centre of the region Massif Central).
  • To complete, our  other purchases are realised thanks to the contributions from several commercial actors spread over the French territory, including SA UNEC a private  commercial company in Saône-et-Loire.

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CELIA which is a commercial cattle cooperative located at Laguiole in Aveyron. It markets 70 000 cattle of which 36 000 are provided for export

UNICOR which is a versatile cooperative located at Rodez in Aveyron. It markets 70 000 cattle of which 30 000 are provided for export.

SICAGIEB which is a commercial cattle cooperative located at Montbeugny, next to Moulins in Allier. It markets 40 000 cattle of which 20 000 are provided for export.

Key Step


The distribution about cattle exported by country is presented as below:

- 78% to Italy

-18% to Third Countries (with the rise of new countries as Egypt, Morocco and Lybia)

- 3.7% for Greece

The rest is distributed between differents european exports.

SICAGIEB joins BEVIMAC Centre Sud. 100 000 cattle are exported.

The mark of 90 000 cattle exported is crossed. One part of the animals are exported to Third Countries.

The board of BEVIMAC Centre Sud decided to focus on direct-sells on Third Countries.
BEVIMAC Centre Sud takes an active position on the Greece.

The hurdle of 40 000 cattle exported is passed.


CEMAC, COBEVIAL and UNICOR lead the activity of CENTRE SUD Elevage.
The Union of coorperatives BEVIMAC Centre Sud and BEVI D’OC have been created and the export activity exclusively based on Italy amounts to 20 000 cattle


CENTRE SUD Elevage has been created (including most of the cooperatives in the region Massif Central and Centre Est)




The strategy of the Union of Cooperatives BEVIMAC CENTRE SUD is defined by 11 breeders who represent the member cooperatives gathered in a board of directors.

The Chairman of the board  is Mr. Terral, a breeder in the region Aveyron.