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Expedition centre

The production of the cooperatives is brought together in one of the 8 Centres approved by the French sanitary authority for Export :

  • 4 in the area AUBRAC (Bozouls, Vimenet, St Rémy, Antrenas)
  • 3 in the area SALERS (Maurs, Aurillac and Neussargues)
  • 1 in the area CHAROLAIS (Montbeugny)

The cattle are grouped based on their breed, weight, conformation and age in order to constitute the most homogeneous lots possible and perfectly satisfying the expectations of our clients.

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Europe Export

BEVIMAC Centre Sud is capable of exporting cattle every country in the European Union. The destinations are various such as Italy, Greece, North European and Spain.

More than 500 European clients trust in the cattle quality supplied  by BEVIMAC Centre Sud.

Third Countries Export

Since the end of 2015, BEVIMAC Centre Sud has worked on the export to Third Countries.

Its teams have the know-how and the necessary permission to ship, eventually after a period of quarantine, cattle overall the Mediterranean region.

The cattle are shipped by boat from the port of SETE.

In only few months, thanks to the cattle quality and the solid work realised, BEVIMAC Centre Sud has become a major export operator to Algeria.

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